Below are a few ways you can support our work helping families facing cancer.

CancerQ Dashboard

CancerQ Dashboard


Help support our work with CancerQ, which designs and develops the right tools for families, patients, and caregivers facing cancer. 

Purchase For Myself:

For only $30, you can purchase a yearly subscription to your cancer fighting headquarters, our CancerQ Dashboard web app! The site lets you save your personal content (links, articles, research), upload personal notes, and upload important files. 

You can privately store all your important information while sharing with select friends and family. In the app our community of experts have also provided over 40 recommended resources, articles, and tools to aid in your fight. You can explore, read, and save all these resources.

Purchase for Someone Else:

You may also purchase access to the dashboard on behalf of someone else - a friend or family member you know would benefit from having a tool like this to aid in their fight against cancer! 

Contribute to the greater good:

You can also purchase for the general good. If you care about cancer or have been affected in the past, purchase a general license and we can give the platform away free to those who need it most! 

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